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welcome to the website of the Association for the Development Solec Kujawski. We work with local business, public administration, orgizacjami from the country and abroad by building civil society and multi-faceted ties - both local and wider. We are open to partnership różynch cooperation in areas of social life.

To strengthen the capacity of the Third Sector in Poland and Pro publico feared - we invite you to cooperate with us!

The Association for the Development of Solec Kujawski was established in 2000. In 2005, we got the status of a Public Benefit Organization. We are non-profit.

The members of the association are entrepreneurs and representatives of various institutions, in particular administrative and educational institutions of the local area, which means that we look at each problem from several perspectives.
We are a member of the Kuyavian-Pomeranian Federation of NGOs and the Local Action Group "Trzy Doliny" (‘Three Valleys’) operating in the Bydgoszcz region.

Our mission is to build social capital and to implement civic projects for the local good.
We have received national and regional awards for our activities.

We implement projects for employees, employers, children, and young people. Since 2006, we have been funding development scholarships for talented youth. We cooperate with partners from Europe, including Ukraine, Russia, and Georgia in education, culture and tradition, strategic urban development planning, and more.
We are willing to cooperate in our areas of expertise. As we are open to new challenges, we are ready to share our experiences.

We are waiting to hear from you!



Kujawski Solca Development Association was founded in late 2000, and the entry in the National Court Register received 5 November 2001.

Since September 2005, we are an organization with the status of a public benefit organization - opp.
Members - the founders of the Association are entrepreneurs and representatives of various institutions, in particular the local administrative and educational environment.
We are a non-profit organization - do not operate for profit.
Objectives and actions
- Inspire and promote entrepreneurship and innovation,
- Measures to reduce unemployment,
- To promote the city and the community,
- To promote the development of education, science, education and civic participation,
- Cultivating the culture, traditions and customs of the Polish
- Promotion of European culture,
Objectives are achieved, among others through raising funds from many different sources of off-budget, thanks to the cooperation of central and local government, universities, schools and research institutions, cooperation with organizations and institutions from Europe and the fundraising of 1%.
Also contribute to achieving the objectives: we organize training courses, seminars, lectures, consultations and symposia related to the activities office, keeping the wider guidance and counseling, including for businessmen, teachers, students and graduates.
Sources of funding
- Membership fees,
- Donations (cash and gifts in kind),
- Grants from public and private
- Sponsorship
- Amortization of 1% income tax on individuals (as opp)
- Others, such as loans, loan
SRSK a Training Organisation status. He is also an active member - the founder of the Association of Local Action Group "Three Valleys" covering and functioning in the district of Bydgoszcz.
SRSK, since 2006, is the founder and Development Scholarship for gifted young people from families with low financial status.
We share his experience:
- Students of various departments, including the European studies, political science, economics, who are held in our student internships,
- Representatives of organizations and local governments in Poland and Ukraine,
- With volunteers who want to gain experience, including the application of funds from non-budgetary sources.
Organize contacts and visits to the Polish community, especially from the East.
The establishment of the Association for the Advancement Solec Kujawski - organizations are not operating for gain resulted not only from the awareness that only cooperation and close, partnership at the local level may contribute to the gradual improvement of the living conditions of communities Solec Kujawski and the surrounding area. Its creation was also a response to the challenges and opportunities of the upcoming Polish membership in the European Union and the use of pre-accession funds.
The establishment of the Association members - representing the founders of the business, government and various institutions in 2000 was not a popular event and often benefited from our experience in this area, reflecting the experience of multilateral benefits for each partner. We have created not only the organization but also a platform for the timely exchange of experiences, taken from different angles, the space for discussion on the development of our small country.
Our voice is heard and has an impact on the active creation of reality.
Mission, vision, value
Authorities SRSK

Zarząd Stowarzyszenia

Elżbieta Wysocka                    - Prezes Zarządu

Czesław Frischke                    - Wiceprezes

Tadeusz Szczepański              - Skarbnik

Beata Kołota                             - Członek



Komisja Rewizyjna

Anna Cicha - Przewodnicząca

Alicja Żaguń - Zastępca

Andrzej Bambrowicz - Członek

The main prize for the SRSK
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